Gregory Landry and Jorge Cantu

OZ Interiors by Jorge Cantu blends the anticipated with the unexpected while introducing a sense of fun into a process that at times can be overwhelming for clients.

Jorge has known since childhood that Interior Design is his calling. Since his education at The Art Institute of Houston, Jorge has been honing his design skills for 17 years. He believes that he never knows enough, and every day holds the opportunity to enhance his artistry. He takes his responsibility as an Interior Designer seriously, recognizing that understanding a client and gaining their trust is a top priority. From there, he uses his years of design experience along with newfound inspirations and insights to create a space that enhances the lives of the people that dwell in it.

As a client, you will work collaboratively with Jorge to design your home. You will spend several hours together as you share your dreams and desires for your home interiors. Jorge questions extensively, listens deeply, and works to understand what will transform the space into the home you long to live in. He learns about the pieces you already own and love, the colors that excite you, the ambiance you want to surround you, and your lifestyle: from careful and elegant to casual and perhaps even rambunctious.

It is as if Jorge embodies the essence of who you are and how you live. Because that is exactly what he is doing – distilling the inspiration of your everyday life so he can design your home to uniquely reflect it. Then he gets to work.

“I don’t ask my clients to make many decisions,” says Jorge. “It can be overwhelming. I help them discover what they want in our first meeting.”

He then dives creatively into his craft, pulling together just the right selection of colors and fabrics, finishes and furnishings. Often his clients are surprised by his interpretation of their design desires, but never are they disappointed.

At first, you may not like it. And then you will love it.

When Jorge returns to present his design concepts, you may not see what you expect. In fact, you may even doubt the ideas Jorge presents. It takes some trust to work with Jorge. But when you see the finished rooms, you will love them. Just about everybody does.

“I’ve done the research. I’ve invested the time to pull together a beautiful collection of colors and furnishings. I present what I truly believe my clients need and will love when it all comes together. If someone says they don’t like it, that’s one thing. If they say they cannot see it, that’s another, and I will push them.”

From inspiration to installation, Jorge Cantu and his team takes it from there, managing the design process to ensure you’ll love the end product. You may be assured that every step will be performed and every product delivered according to Jorge’s high standards for excellence.

The result? A luxurious, inviting, soothing environment that you will be thrilled to call “home.” For many years to come.